Data, Research & Publications

Health guidelines across the globe are based on research. More often than not, high quality research can only be found in ‘the West’. This results in Pakistan’s health guidelines being dependent on research that is not local

One of our objectives is to produce high quality research via an extensive Database that we are always growing. The Sugar Hospital has over 10,000 patient files and our community work continually records data too. 2018 onwards, together we will be accumulating a 30,000 diabetes related episodes annually.

We aim to:

  • Use the data to learn and improve our services through clinical and service audits
  • Conduct both prospective and retrospective epidemiological studies in local communities
  • Publish and share our work in magazines and medical journals
  • Present and share our experiences with colleagues, patients and public at local, national and international levels
  • Provide authentic clinical, economical and social evidence to policy makers to facilitate formulating strategy, planning and offer piloting partnerships to address the NCD burden in KP and Pakistan

We presented our “Diabetes circle of care” concept in the IDF Congress, Hyderabad. The complications of 16,000 patients with diabetes were analysed.

In partnership with Baqai University, Karachi, we are studying the effectiveness of Ramadan specific Diabetes Education in the management of fasting patients with diabetes. We are one of ten centres participating in this study.

A comparative descriptive study of 1200 patients was conducted to determine prevalence of depressive and anxiety symptoms in adults with/without type 2 diabetes. Results were presented in Oman.

We are conducting a clinical audit to improve the re-call rate of patients who present with abnormal HbAlc results. This audit will allow us to improve the recall rate of patients who present with other abnormal results too.

For advocacy support and collaborative research Prime Institute of Public Health , Peshawar is a partner.